How do you make sense of the confusing nutrition messages?

No longer is anyone lacking in 'how to' information. These days an inability to take action due to confusion and overwhelm are far more likely..and that leads to lacklustre results and frustration.

And its not surprising with so many self titled "experts" and "gurus" online today spreading mostly inaccurate or irrelevant information about nutrition designed not to help but to make its creator popular in some way.


Simplified Body exists to fight against the nonsense, the charlatans and the confusion. The purpose is to provide clear, actionable, evidence based and level headed education on nutrition and all things related.

This website then exists to disseminate and communicate nutrition education viewed through the unique lens that is the Simplified Body.

If you're a personal trainer you may enjoy our content, may  be interested in our problem solving systems or industry leading nutrition education. If you're someone who simply needs nutrition coaching you can trust from the UK's leading experts then our content may entertain and our coaching page may be worth a look.

So what do people say?

  • Mike made everything seem so simple, even easy and the results speak for itself!
    Mike's a thoughtful coach. He asks the right questions and suggests simple, manageable solutions. We've found an approach that works for me, but Mike's also on-hand to answer all kinds of questions that I have.  I'm convinced he would have the same success with almost anyone. It's the opposite of a one-size-fits all approach.
    For the first time I'm hitting new PR's under the bar and still have visible abs.
    Ben Reeve, 33, Strategic Consultant, London
  • I wasn’t sure about the cost of hiring Mike but I took the plunge anyway. He has superb knowledge, infectious enthusiasm and a personality that makes me believe in myself. He’s the kind of person I like in my life: positive, intelligent, honest and supportive. And I lost a bunch of weight whilst getting stronger too. I couldn't believe how simple he made it but the results speak for themselves. Even my wife has gotten in on the action!
    Derry Jacques, Leicester
  • If you get a chance to hire Mike, DO IT. He’s a smart as f*ck dietitian! He’s got me performing like a beast and losing weight whilst eating A LOT of food. Nothing I've tried in the past 5 years has been this effective - and I've tried it all.
    Paul Mort, Marketing Muscle Inner Circle

"Mike, your email alerts are awesome. Personally I find them funny and they always give me a little boost to achieve consistency with healthy behaviours."

- Dr Lee Hamilton

"I read your emails because I love your honesty Mike. It's like you're in my head sometimes!!!!"

- Sanj Danjhal

"Hi Mike, Your emails are amazing, I really do enjoy them because if everyone would sugar coat things all the time, we wouldn't get nowhere."

- Kate Makaiova

"Hi Mike, Loving your daily emails, cutting through the crap. Keep fighting the good fight."

- Ross Coundon

You're in good hands: