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We Help Fitness Businesses Save Time & Deliver Predictable Client Results Allowing Them To Grow Faster & More Profitably 
All Made Possible With The UK's Only Dietitian Designed "Hands Off" Nutrition System
"Using this software is like having a full-time nutritionist in your fitness business."
- Peter Lant, BathKettleBell Society
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How It Works
Let our software automate & systemise your client nutrition, progress tracking and even collecting social proof. 
You'll suddenly have plenty of free time that you can use to serve your clients better and/or bring more clients in.
Watch your fitness business grow at an accelerated rate. 
Over 3,000 Users...54,231lbs Lost... 27,840hrs Saved...
(last updated Jan 2019)
Case Studies
Before SBODY the main issue was I was spending 45mins building meal plans for clients and every time they needed changes that would be more time spent. At that point I had almost 50 clients and was spending a lot of time on these plans.
I struggled to get clients to actually follow the plans I was making. When they did results were obviously good but most found them restrictive and boring. I tried habits, hand sized portions and other stuff but nothing seemed to work well. Clients just tended to fall off plan and eventually leave the business which wasn't good for retention. 
Ironically using SBODY now clients say they have too much choice and flexibility because now with Simplified Body they can literally eat whatever they want even if they have cravings and still get results.

My best client lost 9stone in 12 months with Simplified Body. Another client lost 7 stone in 12 months using Simplified Body. Both achieved that with way less restriction and effort than what I’d tried previously and are now able to eat the same meals as the rest of the family and all cooked within 25mins.

After implementing Simplified Body with clients my program adherence rates were around 80% which means that almost nobody leaves because they’re experiencing the results they signed up for. Because of this I’m able to charge more than anyone else in my local area. The end result is my private group program generates £120k+ per year and I don’t even work that much. 

For me as a business owner I now spend less time worrying about nutrition and spend more time personalising the service I’m delivering and getting more clients through the door. So instead of spending 13hrs per week I now spend that time marketing and helping clients. I’m getting the best results I’ve ever had whilst spending the least amount of time on nutrition.

- Lynton Dell, Gym Owner, Facebook Profile link, Jan 2019
Lynton Dell, Owner: TWG + Unbreakable studio, Leicester.
Nick Slater, Owner: FitBodyTrainer Telford. 
Before Simplified Body I didn’t really know what I was doing with nutrition.
I tried a few things but nothing stuck. I was doing about £3k pm and didn’t really know how I was supposed to do everything and still have a life.
Since working with Simplified Body, my clients get better results, retention improved (approx 90%), everything is far more systemised now.
I hit £10k-£12kpm a while back. Its like winning the lottery to me really. Since we’ve become a nutrition focused fitness business everything has gotten better. A big thing is having time to actually coach clients which SBODY allows me to do whilst still having a life.
- Nick Slater, Owner: FitBodyTrainer Telford, Facebook Profile Link, Jan 2019
Looking back before Simplified Body was a bit of a shambles. My business didn’t have structure. I wasted so much time trying to do nutrition myself with free tools like MFP, habits etc. Once I got to about 30 clients I realised this wasn’t doable because my clients weren’t really being consistent & I was working all hours. ​​​​​​​

Once I understood SBODY the progress has been fast. I now have a standardised way to deliver nutrition to clients. Its a repeatable process that gets predictable results which gives me huge confidence. My clients are more consistent now which means they get better results which has meant my referral rate has gone through the roof. Its gone so well I’ve left the gym I was at and have my own studio now. The value of SBODY is so much more than I pay. My business has moved forward more in the last 4 months of SBODY than the previous 4 years.

- Joe Reeve, Owner:, Facebook Profile Link, Jan 2019
Joe Reeve, Owner:
Evidence Based Features That Save You Time & Grow Your Fitness Business
Make Your Clients Lives Easier & Boost Adherence
With Over 5,000 "Dietitian Verified" Recipes

"Clients have so much flexibility now they can't possible go off track. Using this system clients can participate in festive periods and enjoy the food without feeling restricted and enjoy the foods they wanted."

- Lynton Dell, TWG + Unbreakable Studio.

Safe-Guard Your Time
Using Automatic Personalised Meal Plan Building
"SBODY saves me a lot of time. If you add up 1-2hrs a day across the last 6-9 months thats how much time I've saved. Ultimately what makes SBODY unique for me is that it does all the work for me but I still have control if I want it." - Nathan Lewis, Owner: N7 Training Cardiff.
Demonstrate Your Program Delivers Using Automated Progress Check-In's + Social Proof Collection

"The adherence is definitely better with SBODY, on average my clients lose an half a stone in weight more than they would have before and its more sustainable because the system isn't rigid for clients. So client results across the board are definitely better. All that happens whilst I'm personally saving time its crazy."

- Nathan Lewis, Owner: N7 Training Cardiff.

Eliminate Retention Issues
With Our AutoCoach Features

"Retention is around 90% these days."

- Nick Slater, FitBodyTrainer Telford.

Dominate Your Competition
By Delivering Elite Level Results Whilst You Focus On Growing
"For me as a business owner I now spend less time worrying about nutrition and spend more time personalising the service I’m delivering and getting more clients through the door. As a result I'm able to charge more than my competitors." - Lynton Dell, TWG + Unbreakable, Leicester.
Instantly Gain The Confidence Of Having An Elite Nutrition Professional In Your Corner So You Can Build Your Business On Credible Foundations Without Worrying
"I love the support - Mike is there to help with questions and even helps with stuff outside of nutrition which is brilliant." - Ryan Holder, LNP Coaching.
The Team
Mike started in the industry 12 years ago. Since then he's gained a 1st class honours degree in Sports Science & a postgrad degree in Dietetics. He's helped bodybuilders win trophies, helped powerlifters break records, helped cyclists break into the UK top10 and worked with 1000's of patients in the NHS. He's widely respected for his evidence based approach and no-nonsense attitude + has successfully grown 3 different companies, two of which being fitness businesses. ​​​​​​​
Mike Sweeney| UK Registered Dietitian, Elite Sports Nutritionist
Martyn is a qualified nutritionist & is the workhorse behind the scenes at SBODY. He's run his own online nutrition coaching business & is a qualified personal trainer. 
Martyn Rackham | Nutritionist, PT, Fitness Business Owner
Michal is an experienced and successful full-stack developer & currently one of the technical directors of SBODY.
Michal Pierzchlewicz, Full-Stack Javascript Developer
Jakub is an experienced full-stack developer & also currently one of the technical directors of SBODY.
Jakub Drynkowski, Full-Stack Javascript Developer
Q & A

how can you personalise nutrition automatically?

We use formulas from the most up to date evidence base to estimate caloric and protein targets. These are mathematically equations that can be run automatically. All of our recipes and food items have also been nutritionally analysed by professionals so matching meals/foods to clients isn't a problem with our unique algorithm. 

how is this different?

We're the UK's only nutrition focused platform built using the latest evidence to enhance client adherence. Literally every other software marketed towards trainers treats nutrition as an after thought, proven by the fact they use methods scientifically designed to lead to reduced adherence. SBODY is also the only platform of its kind built by people who have actually run their own fitness businesses. In fact, Mike is still in the trenches every day helping trainers, dietitians and nutritionists grow their businesses. 

what exactly do you provide? software?

As an SBODY customer you get access to our unique software that is built to save you time whilst improving adherence, you get access to our industry leading nutrition education, we'll show you how to become a better coach & we'll even give you the tools, tactics & strategies to level up your marketing & selling ability. All in all we're on a mission to help ambitious trainers save time, improve client adherence & retention & out-market their competition. 

I can just do nutrition myself surely?

You can. But if you want to grow your business to 6 figures or more and preserve your free time then you're going to need some systems in place. SBODY is the only nutrition focused system designed to deliver a personalised experience to your clients and designed to save you time. 

you say this will help my business

In lots of ways but ultimately SBODY is designed to save YOU, the fitness business owner, a lot of time ... whilst still delivering a personalised experience to your clients. With that time saved you can re-invest some of it to do more marketing and more selling than your competitors. We'll even help you with that.

are there any limits on how many clients i can put on your platform?

Currently no. Most software companies want to charge you per user which seems cheap until you actually get a decent number of clients, approx 50-100+ then it becomes expensive. We operate a flat-fee capped investment. For example one of our customers has 921 customers, another has 186 customers and they pay the same as everyone else. So in our opinion, we're actually the best value by a country mile. 

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