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The New Way.

Every successful business needs 3 things to thrive: marketing, sales + systems. Until now client nutrition has involved spending countless hours in front of spreadsheets or generating PDF's. Using the power of automation SBODY can save you 5-15hrs per week whilst still providing your clients with personalised nutrition plans as good as an elite nutritionist would. 

Designed For Adherence.

Any evidence based fitness professional knows that static meal plans suck for clients & traditional calorie counting apps are demonstrated by researchers to have wickedly poor adherence rates. SBODY is the only nutrition focused platform purposefully designed to maximise adherence because its flexible, dynamic & personalised. Verified as 600% easier + faster than anything else. 

Flexible Nutrition Made Easy.

Expecting your clients to eat clean 100% of the time is not only making their lives harder but its also completely unnecessary.  15+ years of science has demonstrated successful weight loss is all about caloric balance. So you can sit around for hours calculating calorie & macro ratios for clients OR you can let SBODY's intelligent engine do all that for you. 

Mobile First Design. 

In 2018, 50-60% of all internet traffic was from mobile devices. That means everyone is doing an increasing amount of stuff from their phones + tablets. SBODY is the only nutrition platform with a "mobile first" design. That means you & your clients can do everything with just 1-5 thumb taps on your phone or tablet. This makes our platform the fastest of its kind.   

1000+ Recipes In Your Pocket.

Your clients often associate losing weight with eating boring and bland foods. Our custom built database contains over 1000 family friendly recipes that are accessible from your mobile device in 1-2 thumb taps completely eliminating any food-boredom issues. Not only that but every item in our database has been nutritionally analysed by a professional using professional-grade nutrient analysis software. 

Built By a UK Registered Dietitian. 

SBODY is the only nutrition focused platform built by a UK Registered Dietitian with 4years experience in the NHS and 3 years experience has an elite sports nutritionist. All of that experience, knowledge and expertise have been funnelled into making the SBODY platform the most effective of its kind. You + your clients can take advantage of all of that instantly. 

Get More Clients.

Because of SBODY's intelligent engine & mobile first design, trainers that use our platform save 5-15hrs per week of their time. This is time that can be used to a) coach clients to better results + b) spend more time marketing & selling.. Both of which mean better testimonials + more clients. Cha-ching.

Software Personalised To You.

SBODY is the only nutrition-focused platform that allows you to not only upload your logos/branding, but we completely customise the colours of the entire platform to match your branding too. Your clients won't know we exist (unless you want them to).   

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SBODY Is Not Just An App.
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54,231 lbs
Amount of weight clients have lost with SBODY so far
27,840 hrs
Amount of time saved for trainers with SBODY so far

How Can You Personalise Client Nutrition Automatically?

When a client enters your fitness business you normally have to:

Of course when you're trying to run a group based fitness business with 20,30,50,100+ clients spending that much time on these critical, but repeatable, decisions is a massive waste of time. So we automated them! 

We automated the critical but repeatable components in nutrition coaching whilst you focus on helping more people, coaching your clients and growing your business. Your clients get to take ownership whilst everything is 100% personalised to them. 

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